A village with a lot of history

watch Brading is small town situated between Sandown and Ryde.

source link Lying just below Brading down, the village runs down to Brading Marshes and the River Yar.

http://unionroguerivercamp.com/about-the-camp/ The marshes were once a busy harbour dating from Roman Times. The land was reclaimed by the building of an embankment at Brading, and a sea wall at Sandown, forming the marsh.

If you were just to pass through Brading's narrow but busy High Street, you would not think Brading had much to offer. It does though, have a fascinating history. It was once an important Roman harbour town, and was busy up to the 16th Century.

With Brading Down at 400 ft/123m, and the marsh at sea level, there's plenty of varied scenery. Though the Routes on this site are circular. It would be possible to create linear routes that take you to Shanklin, or Ryde. Then you could get the train, or bus back.

Brading is not a tourist town like Shanklin, or Sandown. But there is accommodation in the form of guest houses and self catering.

It has good transport links, with a regular bus service, and a Train Station.

There are couple of pubs serving food, and a Village shop.

Things to do

Brading Roman Villa

Situated at Morton on the outskirts of Brading it is well worth a visit. In my opinion, it is one of the best examples of a Roman Villa in the Country. Check out the Brading Villa website for further details.

Nunwell house

Situated north west of the town, was the home of the Oglander Family. The Oglander family tombs can be seen at the beautiful St. Mary's Church in Brading.

The house is a mix of Tudor and Jacobean styles. Though the original house has was built in 1086.

The opening times are irregular. Check out the Nunwell House website for further details.

General Sights

Also of note are, St. Mary's Church in the town, and the nearby Old Town Hall. The Bull Ring in the town still has original bull ring, for the sport of Bull Baiting. Local artist, Paul Sivell has created a bull statue here, with just his chain saw alone.

Sometimes the 'New' Town Hall at the Bullring will have a small exhibition.

Brading is definitely worth a walk around.

Brading Info

Population: 2,034 (2011 Census)

Train: Every 20 mins during peak hours

Buses: No. 2 & No. 3


Free at West Street

There is a private Car Park at the northern end of the High Street which is located here

Alternatively there's the Train Station car park which has a charge of £1.50 for the day.

The Train Station car park, is the start point for all the routes.

Restaurants, Pubs & Cafe′s

  1. The Bugle - Pub
  2. The Wheatsheaf - Pub
  3. The Heima - Restaurant
  4. Brothers of Brading - Fish & Chips

On the outskirts, towards Sandown there is also the Yarbridge Inn