Route Description

19 km/12 mi
359 m/1178 ft Difficult
Train/Bus/Car Brading Train Station - £1.50 per day Bembridge

 1. Brading Train Station to Culver Down

Enter the station concourse and turn right and keep going till you reach the the swing gate. Turn right and uphill until the main road.Cross the main road to join the unmade Wrax Road. Follow this left, then right, till you meet The Mall. Cross this road and take the B39. Follow this path uphill until it levels off.Go downhill and rightwards keeping to the Bridleway. After 500 metres turn left on to the the go site Unmarked B29, (care is required as there are no signs) and climb upwards until you reach an open field. Cross the field on a slight right diagonal, and at the stile cross the road.
Go straight over the road on to the B42and go directly downhill through the gate until you reach the tarmac road.Turn left and uphill on the road, past the houses for 350 metres to a signpost B65 on your right. Take this path until you meet the lower Adgestone Road.At the road turn left then right at the junction, to cross straight over Yarbridge Cross. There is no pavement here so take care. Just over the bridge, you will reach the SS44on your right. Take this path across the fields aiming for the bungalows in the distance. You'll see a large oak tree amongst the line of trees, this is where the stile is. Walk along side the Bungalows keeping them on your right, towards the main road.At the the main road, turn right and downhill on the grass verge. As the road levels there is an obvious gap in the hedge. Take this gap and head seawards, then turn left and up hill on the Coastal Path. Head for the monument on top of the down.

2. Culver Down to Bembridge

Go through the gate and straight past the monument and continue following the signs for the Coastal Path. Care is required here as the path has been moved - just follow the signs for the Coastal Path. The path is not as well signposted as it should be. Continue diagonally right and downhill towards the sea.

When you reach the second small wooden post with the Coastal Path sign on - continue downhill to the right.

Follow the Coastal Path until you reach the Crab & Lobster

The official Coastal Path leaves the coast here, and rejoins the coast at the Lifeboat Station.We continue down the steps to the sea wall, where we go left.

buy celebrex online uk You should now be on the sea wall, not the official Coastal Path. Depending on the tide, the next two kilometre section will  be  mainly on stones, or sand, and portions of sea wall. Either way, stick strictly to the coast line. If it's high tide, it will be harder going as you will be walking on stones mainly.

At at break in woods after two kilometres, you meet some beach huts. Take a left here to join Ducie Avenue, an unmade road.

After a 100 metres, take the BB33 on the right hand side (easily missed), to meet the road at Bembridge Harbour

Cross the road towards the Pilot Boat Inn, and the toilets on the right.

3. Bembridge to Brading

Follow the Bembridge Trail. Keep going along the road till it turns into a footpath, which then climbs upwards towards the High Street.

At the road, turn right, and head towards Bembridge Windmill. There is no pavement on the last section - take care.

Just before the Windmill structure, turn right and follow the BB21 BradingDrop downhill and across several fields until you reach Centurions Copse. The paths don't match the map exactly in the copse. The overriding principle is to keep right at all times, on the obvious paths.Leave the wood and cross over the River Yar, and continue straight, keeping to the embankment, until you reach the gate. After the gate turn left on the B1 and follow the track until you reach the railway crossing.Cross over the tracks, and through the gap in the houses. In the parking area turn left, then right to join Station Road, where you started the walk.

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Route Overview

Start at Brading Train Station continuing with a climb to Brading down, you then drop down to cross Brading Marsh, followed by a climb up Culver Down. We then follow  the Coastal Path to Bembridge where we continue on the beach to Bembridge Harbour. (tide permitting)

From the harbour you make our way to Bembridge Mill.

After the mill you Cross Brading Marshes to return to our start at Brading Station.

It can be muddy in sections in the winter.

When the tide is in, the beach section is stony under foot - boots are advised.


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Brading Train Station
£1.50 per day

Sat Nav: PO36 0DY

OSGB: SZ 609 869

Public Transport

As the route starts at Brading Station, the train would be ideal. If you are coming by Bus, you need to alight at Brading: 'Bullring' and follow the signs to the train station, which is down Station Road.