Route Description

14 km/9 mi Circular 348 m/1142 ft Easy
Bus/Car Church Litten Newport & Carisbrooke

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1. Newport to Carisbrooke Castle

Starting in South Street, head towards McDonalds, and turn left into St. James Street, keeping to the right hand side pavement.

Keep going straight, and cross the road at the Church by the zebra crossing, and continue up St. Johns Road. When you reach the mini roundabout, turn right into Whitepit Lane. When you reach the brow of the hill, cross the road and head into Mount Joy. Follow the N24 up alongside the house fence. The path opens up to views of the River Medina Valley.

Keep on this path which changes to the N25 towards the Castle, without deviation, till you reach the road.

Cross the road and follow the N193 to Carisbrooke Castle.

2. Carisbrooke Castle to Gatcombe

Walk alongside the moat, until you reach a small wooden post with footpath markers on it. Turn left on the unmarked N89, down the slope, and keep to the narrow hedge lined path; until we reach the road. At the road, (Froglands Lane) turn left and uphill to the junction.

At the junction follow the N108 up through the tree lined gully. When you finally reach open ground continue straight on following the N108 to Gatcombe.

Go across the field, with the two swing gates, until we reach a confluence of paths. We take the G6 downwards, which turns into a concrete ramp, till we reach the road. You have now entered Gatcombe Village. Turn right, and take the G7btowards Chillerton.

Keep to the road, passing the Newbarn Farm on your right to join the bridleway proper.

3. Gatcombe to Plaish

You now have a steep climb, with views of Chillerton TV mast, on our left. Midway the track dog legs, goes left, and upwards towards Dukem Down. Keep to the path till it finally levels off.

Go through wooden gate and turn right on the N146to Bowcombe.

When you the path levels off we bear right on the N147 Byway to Plaish.

At the path T-junction go left, until you see a path on your right. It's not obvious until you reach it. Follow this path to the next path junction, then turn left - going past the N104.

Follow the path around towards Plaish Farm, and up the tarmac road.

4. Plaish to Carisbrooke

Straight opposite will be N126 to Bowcombe Down. This field often has cattle in it. If you want to avoid the cattle, turn left for 350 metres, and take the next bridleway N127 on your right, straight up the down to re-join the route.

Assuming you will use the path, aim for a stile midway up the field. Take this stile, and continue diagonally upwards to the top left hand corner of the next field.

At the top, join the Tennyson Trail, and turn right on the N123 to Carisbrooke.

You will be on this path for 1.6 Kilometres, until you drop down to join Nodgham Lane.

At Nodgham Lane turn left until you reach Calbourne Road. Cross the road, to the left hand pavement. Head down hill towards the mini roundabout.

5. Carisbrooke to Newport

Go straight over the mini roundabout, and join the path that runs alongside the Church. At the end of the Church Yard, turn left. At the path crossroads, turn follow url right.

After 215 metres the path splits, click here bear right on the unmarked path.

We continue on this path across Wellington Road, till you reach the road again at Recreation Ground Road.

Go straight on into Wilver Road. When Wilver Road starts to bear right we go left into Old Westminster Lane

The road turns in a footpath. Go straight on to join Hearn Street, then turn enter site right, and uphill. The road turns left into Lugley Street. Continue down Lugley Street to the Car Park. Turn left into Post Office Lane. Continue through the lane to join the High Street.

Cross the High Street, and join Castlehold Lane. At Pyle Street, turn right. The n just past the Salvation Army building, take the lane Chalmers Way into Scarrots Lane.

Turn left down the lane to exit by McDonalds and our start point.

Route Overview

This route has a bit of an urban flavour, as you start and finish in Newport Town Centre.

Starting at the Bus Station, you have a short walk in the town for one kilometre. You soon reach the countryside, where you climb to see a panoramic view of Newport and the River Medina with Cowes and the mainland in the distance.

You then walk around part of the moat of Carisbrooke Castle.

After the castle you make our way to the village of Gatcombe, followed by a steep climb to the downland south of Newport

You then cross a valley to rise again on to the Tennyson Trail, heading back towards Newport.

You drop down off the Tennyson Trail in Carisbrooke Village to make your way back on footpaths that cut through the urban centre of Carisbrooke and, Newport.


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Church Litten Car Park, is the nearest to the Bus Station.

There are other Car Parks nearby, including Marks & Spencer ,and Morrison’s, supermarkets.

Sat Nav: PO30 1JZ

OSGB: SZ 499 889

Public Transport

Bus only. Most bus services on the Isle of Wight serve Newport Bus Station.


There are no viable escape routes.