Sandown - Walk 11 kilometres

Distance Ascent
11 km/7 mi Circular 151 m/495 ft Easy
Transport Parking Refreshment
Train/Bus Sandown Station Sandown Station

Route Description

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1. Sandown Station to Sandown Airport

can you buy Primidone over the counter in uk Head out of the station at right hand exit, then turn right on to the Squirrel Trail for Los Altos Park.

Going past the underpass, continue in to Los Altos park, keeping parallel with the railway track. After 400 metres we take a right over the railway crossing.

Continue on the SS29, over two roads. Where we join the SS27 Lea Road.

Walk past the cemetery, and the play area. Continue along Manor Road, past the School entrance to join the SS26.

After 240 metres, take the unmarked path on our right, continuing over the bridge to the edge of the airfield. Cross the airfield, towards the stile opposite . It's quite safe to cross, just keep a lookout for planes.

At the road, turn left, until you meet the caravan park, then take a right upwards, past the caravan park.

2. Sandown Airport to Newchurch Bee Fields

Just before the house take the NC19 Apse Heath. After 500 metres, turn right across the footbridge in to Borthwood.

You are aiming to walk straight through the wood. Except for a fork midway through, where you bear right.

Continue through the wood keeping straight for 600 metres. At the obvious fork, follow stay right. When you exit the wood, at the road turn left for 70 metres, then take a right on to the NC42 Alverstone for 480 metres till you reach the road.

At the road take the NC12 Newchurch towards the large panel fencing, and continue downwards past the Oak with the 'Bretts Meadow' sign, and upwards towards the road.

the road, and down the narrow path straight ahead, through a small copse. After the copse, you enter a conservation area, called 'Newchurch Bee Fields'.

3. Newchurch Bee Fields to Alverstone Mead

Continue upwards for a 140 metres, and take a 90 degree right, (unmarked), and keep going towards the mature trees in the distance. Turn right and downwards, where we leave the conservation area to continue into a wood. When we reach the edge of the wood, we cross the field diagonally to the right to join the the cycle track.

Just opposite, and to the right is the B54. Take this path into Alverstone. At the road turn right, going past the cycle track, and over the bridge. After 225 metres, take a left on the NC17 into Alverstone Mead Nature Reserve. Continue through the reserve. At the exit to the reserve is a hide, you will often see Red Squirrels here.

4. Alverstone Mead to Adgestone

Leave the reserve, and turn left downhill. At the stile opposite 'Skinners Meadow', go straight over the small field (sign illegible). Cross straight the cycle track, on to the unmarked B51. Cross over the bridge, then the stile. Keep to the edge of the fields, heading right (east), towards the large elm trees, where we turn left to meet the road.

At the road, turn right, and continue for 550 metres past the T-junction. At the far edge of the caravan park, turn right, to take the B50.

5. Adgestone to Sandown Station.

At the marsh, follow the footpath signs to cross the river. At the field take a diagonal left, uphill (the path is undefined), to the top left hand corner, to join the road.

Cross the road and continue through the open green recreation area. Turn right, and downhill, just after the houses on the right.

At the road, cross over and go straight through the Caravan Park, keeping to the road till the T-junction at the Caravan Park exit. Turn left at the junction and walk alongside the School playing field. At the road corner carry straight on to the shared path, until you reach the railway underpass. Go through the underpass, turn left back towards your start point.

Route Overview

Starting at Sandown Train Station, and continuing through the town of Lake, towards the National Trust wood: Borthwood.

After Borthwood, we go through mixed woodland and meadow, towards Alverstone Mead Nature Reserve.

You then cross the marsh twice to make your way back to Sandown Station.

The route is undulating, with no major climbs.


Ordnance Survey Map
1:25000 - Explorer OL29 - Isle of Wight
1:50000 - Landranger 196 - The Solent & Isle of Wight
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Sandown Station per £1.50 a day

Sat Nav: PO36 9BN

OSGB: SZ 593 844

Public Transport

As the route starts at Sandown Station, the train would be ideal. If you are coming by Bus catch the No: 2, or 8. You need to alight at Station Avenue, and take the Avenue down to the train station.


There are no viable escape routes.

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