Route Description

7kms/4.5 mi - Circular 271 m/889 ft Easy
Bus No. 3/Train (1.6km/1ml Walk) St. Blasius Church Dunnose Magna & Smugglers Haven
(Summer only)

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Park at the free car park at St. Blasius Church. The car park is busy during church services. On Sunday mornings you will probably not find a space. The alternative parking is in Priory Road, (towards Shanklin and a 1st right).

1. St. Blasius Church to Shanklin Down.

Go through the graveyard cross the stiles and follow the SS10 The Worsley Trail footpath, uphill across the two stiles crossing the two fields.

The route now gets noticeably steeper. Continue upwards, keeping Cliff Copse on your right, passing the sign for 'Anne's Wood'.

After you go through the five bar gate and the stile. The path immediately levels off. Turn left leaving the SS10 path, to continue uphill on an Tastylia, Tadalafil Oral Strip non-signposted path: (SS11). Aim for the line of trees, then the path climbs diagonally upwards on this convex slope. The path is visible but not obvious. Keep gaining height will you reach the Trig point at Shanklin Down.

2. Shanklin Down to Dunnose

Continue West past the Trig Point for 80 metres to a stile in the hedge. Cross the stile and immediately turn left.

Continue on the ridge towards the aerials in the distance, and through the two five bar gates.

After the second gate by the National Trust 'Luccombe Down' sign turn left immediately and follow the obvious permissive path towards the sea until you reach a barbed wire fence. Turn right, and keep the barbed wire fence on your left until you reach the 90 degree corner of the fence. Turn left, and down the short slope. Turn right, and keep the gorse bushes on the small cliff on your right, until you reach the car park, close to the old Ventnor RADAR Station.

go to link Caution! Many paths converge at this point.

Take the V123 Nansen Hill the Landslip. The path stays on the ridge for 200 metres, and then drops down steeply to the road. Cross this road with care! into the car park.

3. Dunnose to Shanklin

Exit the car park in the right hand corner, and walk towards the Smugglers Haven cafe. There are some public toilets at the road here. Exit at the bottom of the grounds, when you are directly opposite the cafe building - then turn right. There is no sign-age here. We are trying to join the path that runs along the edge of the cliff.

We are now entering the 'Devils Chimney'. Descend the steps, and at the exit of the chasm, go directly downwards on the steps, to join the main path in the 'Landslip', (so called, as it slips quite regularly). You will now be following the Coastal Path back to Shanklin.

Turn left, and continue through the landslip, past the 'Wishing Seat'. You will soon climb some steps, where you turn right, and down a few steps, on to a narrow, wall lined path, until we exit the Landslip. Continue downhill past Dunnose Magna house, (which has a cafe in the summer months).

Continue on the Coastal Path, past Luccombe Chine, (currently closed), and through outskirts of Luccombe village.

At Luccombe Road, continue downhill past Haddon Pits. Bizarrely the Coastal Path takes a pointless detour from the road for 80 metres through a field. You can safely ignore this detour

Turn left onto Priory Road, leaving the Coastal Path.  Continue to the T-Junction, then turn left to return to the start point.


Route Overview

Starting with a hard pull up to 235m/770ft, you then follow the downland ridge to the highest point on the Island. You then drop down to the Landslip, and Devils Chimney.

At the Landslip we return on the Coastal Path back to our start point, at Shanklin.


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Free, opposite St. Blasius Church.

Sat Nav: PO37 6QY.

OSGB: SZ 579 805

Sat Nav: PO37 6RJ

During church services the car park will often be full. The alternative free parking is in Priory Road.

Public Transport

It's a 21 minute walk from Shanklin Train Station, via the town centre, and the Old Village'.
Bus Route: No.3
the nearest stop is: 'Shanklin - Big Mead'. It is not listed on the timetable, but the stop is on outskirts of Shanklin close to the 'Old Village'.