Route Description

35 km/21 mi Circular 677m//2221ft Difficult
Car Ventnor Downs Godshill

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1. Ventnor Downs to Freemantle Gate

Park at the top of Ventnor Downs in the second car park along the road, but any car park close by will do. We will be using the tarmac road to start the ride, so the choice of Car Park is not critical.Depart keeping to the road, heading eastwards. Go past 'Ventnor Radar Station'. The  road becomes a chalk track. Continue to the wooden gate on your left. Go through the gate, and take the track, heading upwards towards the ridge. We will be following the ridgeKeep to the ridge, and go through the double gates. After 700 metres, the bridleway veers to the left away from the SS12 footpath. Descend for 500 metres, till you meet the hedges, then take a sharp right downhill, keeping the old chalk pit to your left, and head for the wooden gate on the other side of the field.Go through the gate and descend through the wood until you meet a confluence of paths. where to buy Divalproex take the NC31 to Main Road & Rill Farm. When you reach the bridge, take the first left to buy viagra super active join the cycle track. At the cycle track go left for 400 metres, and go through the metal five bar gate, down past Winston Farm.At the main road take a right, and after 30 metres, take a left on to the bridleway (GL35) which takes you through the Donkey Farm.Continue through the Donkey Farm over the stream, and keep left to cross another stream. After the bridge turn right and uphill till to meet the road at Redhill Lane.At the road, turn left, and immediately before the houses, turn right on to the bridleway. Continue steeply uphill, till you meet the large stone arch called: Freemantle Gate.

2. Freemantle Gate to  St. Catherine's Hill

Continue onwards keeping  Freemantle gate  on your left. At the Deer Gates, go through the gate and keep to the narrow track till it opens up into a large field.

Keep close to the hedge until you reach metal gate. After the gate turn right, and descend till you reach the main road.

At the road, take a left, then a right, just before the houses on to the NT96 to Southford.

After the old railway embankment turn left and almost immediately right and continue straight on to the farm houses in the near distance. After you exit Ford Farm Lane, turn right on the main road for 185 metres, and then turn left on to the NT89 St. Catherine's Hill.

After one kilometre take the precio de atarax 25 mg non-signposted bridleway on your right. Take this bridleway, continuing steeply uphill till reach the top of St. Catherine’s Hill. Ensure you keep to the left of the house near the top. You should now be seeing the Hoy Monument.

3. St. Catherine's Hill to Chequers Inn

Head for the monument, and go through the wooden gate at the left (west side) of the Monument. The rights-of-way are somewhat confused here, and don’t match the map exactly - so take care.

Head right and downhill till you reach a T-junction/fence. Care is required here. Take the GL60, on our left. Continue downhill, and through the small wood, where you take a right at the edge of the wood, to stay on the GL60. Continue downhill through the farm until you reach the main road.

At the main road, turn right until you reach the Byway C32A Take the Byway past the sewage farm until you reach the road 1.5 kilometres later.

Go straight over the crossroads, heading for Shorwell/Brighstone. After 330 metres, turn left on the SW56Byway. After one kilometre, turn right to head uphill, and around Bucks Farm until you reach the main road.

At the main road take a right for 200 metres, then a left on to the SW43 to Billingham.

At the road turn left, and after 150 metres take the SW44 on the right,. After 120 metres turn left on the unmarked bridleway. Continue uphill towards the road

At the road turn right, and keep left at the next junction. After going past a couple of cottages, take the next right at the junction. After a 100 metres turn left on to the G18to Rookley.

Cross the stream, and continue on the Bridleway past the farm until you reach the road at the Chequers Inn.

4. Chequers Inn to Freemantle Gate

Go straight over the junction and join the Chequers Inn Road.

At the next road junction go straight ahead to join the GL18Bto Main Road.

At the Main Road, turn left, and after 350 metres, take a right at the RSPCA sign. After 350 metres join the Bridleway on your right GL22 till you exit by the old greenhouses.

After the Greenhouses turn right to follow the well marked Squirrel Trail all the way back to Wroxall.

The Squirrel Trail is well signposted. You will go through Freemantle Gate, which you passed by earlier.

5. Freeemantle Gate to Ventnor Downs

After Freemantle Gate, use the Bridleway on your left. At the junction at the top of Appuldurcombe Road follow the Squirrel Trail sign, for the last time.

Continue through the Village past the Spar Shop until the road forks by the Four Seasons Inn. Take the left fork on to Manor Road, and then the next left on to Stenbury View as the road bears right, take the bridleway V15 to Wroxall Down & Ventnor.

Continue on this bridleway uphill, then follow the V4 Wroxall Down, back to your start point.

Route Overview

Starting at the highest point on the Island, the route follows the chalk ridge to the outskirts of Wroxall.

From Wroxall, you make your way to the outskirts of Godshill, crossing the River Yar. You then climb most of the way up Stenbury Down, then drop down to cross the River Medina. From the river valley you climb up St. Catherine's Down.

You then return to Godshill via lonely farm tracks and short climbs. At Godshill you return to Wroxall where you make your final pull up to our start point.


Ordnance Survey Map
1:25000 - Explorer OL29 - Isle of Wight
1:50000 - Landranger 196 - The Solent & Isle of Wight

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Parking Map

Sat Nav: PO38 1AH

OSGB: SZ 562 784


There are no viable escape routes.

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